Waiting for Mr. Right

Waiting for Mr. Right

For Betty…

As your eyes meet, stars collide
and you’re sucked into the black hole
that is the future,
its depth unknown.

His smile breaks your heart into pieces
leaving you, hope
that he will stay to work out the puzzle
ere the mystery becomes your undoing.

He reads like an excerpt from your favorite novel
speaks the words from your favorite song.
Adele’s muse meets
the soul of Erykah Badu’s voice.

Coffee? Yes. Why not?
The conversation like an arsonist’s
works of art,
in the corners of your mind.

He reads.
Thank God, he reads.
A copy of The Alchemist
peeping from the corner of his shoulder bag.

You hope to meet again
bid farewell
as the sun’s rays
kiss your face through your bedroom window.

It is the worst of goodbyes;
the ones we say to our dreams.
As reality, the cruel hand of time,
dragging you back to the present.

You wait.

Patience is not a game for the faint at heart,
and many do settle –
for loneliness is a path one must walk alone.

You wait.

The light is only for those
who walk the full length of the tunnel.


You wait.

Waiting for Mr. Right

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