Unrequited Love

Unrequited Love

“We hurt people that love us,
love people that hurt us”

Kendrick Lamar, Opposites Attract.

I’ve fallen for her eyes,
fallen deep into her constellation
and the depth of her laughter.

She is the sun
and I, like the planets
kept in motion by her gravity.

Drawn in by the warmth of her smile
yet the heat sparks the fire
that threatens to burn the bridge between us.

Love makes a fool of us all, they say.
And I, the biggest of them all, keep falling into the water
knowing well I can not swim.

As her absence makes the heart grow fonder.
Her face clouds the clarity of my thoughts,
the memories all I cling on to.

Distance makes the soul grow weary
and even though time heals all wounds,
it can not heal the ones we inflict on ourselves.

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