Tom Tom Odhiambo

Tom Tom Odhiambo

Tom Tom Odhiambo was conceived a girl but, in the progress of his mother’s pregnancy, life decided he should be born a boy. Whether it was life’s design or his father’s constant visits to the witch doctor in Rachuotho, we will never know. As he stepped out into the world from the warmth of his mother’s womb, Tom Tom received more ululations than any child, born to the people of Uyoma, will ever receive.

To his father, Tom Tom would be the blank script on which he would correct all his failures in life. He would grow up to be more than just a man, he would be a legend. To his mother, he was the pot in which her love was brewed. After all the bruises and all the harsh words, his father would now love her like he had never done before. Tom Tom’s presence meant no more late nights and weekends spent away from the family.

Even as a child, he already had a killer smile. The cherry on top of the cake of abilities God had bestowed upon him. When he walked at the tender age of one his father knew Tom Tom had to play rugby. The only sport that produced ruffians and gentlemen in equal measure. Rugby would be one of the tools that shaped him into a better man, knowing when to hit hard and when to use his smarts to outsmart life’s challenges.

His father, the great ‘Senior Sir’ as he loved being called, had to make sure Tom Tom had a head start when it came to education. He was enrolled in kindergarten at the age of 3. At home, his father spent the afternoon reading books to him while his mother made sure he ate the right food to make him the strongest in his class. She had to make sure he loved her more, and the best way to a man’s heart….

For Tom Tom life was an adventure. Being the youngest in his class he was expected to be the smallest. But thanks to his mother he had the body of someone three years his senior. He even got his first kiss from a girl in class four while still fresh into primary school.

He loved life more than anyone could ever tell.


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