This thing called love

This thing called love

They say time heals all wounds but the scars remain eternal

so I look, look for any sign left by Cupid’s arrow

the scar, the mark, just to confirm this thing called love.


But what is love?

is it this hope that one day she will lay in my arms

or the fear that she is in someone elses.


Is love the way I notice her eyes glimmer at the sound of music

how she stays a second longer when we hug

or how her hair falls perfectly onto her shoulders

like a violin rested before a classical orchestra.


Is love in her laugh, that perfect giggle

enough to acknowledge humor and not long to infer sarcasm

her smile, so radiant like a sky with two rainbows

dimples at the end of the spectrum like pots of gold.


She wears her heart on her sleeve

easily swept off her feet and as easily broken

so I handle it like a new born baby

place it as close to me as possible

listen to it’s beat in sync with mine

like the rhythm of two aliens making love on the moon.


Jupiter love, when Venus meets Mars, the earth rotates under our feet

space meets time and vacuum is no longer a matrix of emptiness.

am I, in happiness

she’s U, in trust

and so I hope that we become in wedlock

take the ring out of suffering and put it on her finger

in sickness and in health

I do

take her as my missing rib

Eve in forever, after the fairytale is over.


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