The Other Man

The Other Man

I see happiness in her eyes as her smile lights up the room like fireflies in a jar

her laugh fills every corner of this white walled room, echoing on the walls

as if on a quest through this black hole of bottled emotions

in the hope of reaching the dark corners of my subconscious where the lover in me now resides.

We are dancers in a tango never wanting to let go though the music has stopped

dancing in silence to the rhythm of our heart beats and the hum of low breaths

hiding words that seem no longer spoken, I love you.


The beep of a new text message snaps her back to happiness not wanting to dwell in the dullness

that has become our relationship, struggling to stay in love when falling was so easy.

She lets out a giggle to let me know that the train has left the station, while

I’m still staring at the cursor on this white screen trying to decipher the moment through this poem.

She is happy, that’s all that matters

even though I seem to have lost touch with this woman I once loved, still love.


At the back of my mind I wonder what she sees in him,

whatever she feels she lost in me, I guess.

She met me when I was still a caterpillar, thought she had the strength to wait for the butterfly

forgot that the cocoon had space for only one.

She is lonely, I am always gone from her even though we share this physical space

and I know she wants more but I am not yet there.


I want to thank him but do not know his name, the other man.

They say if you love something let it go, it was never yours in the first place

she was never mine in the first place.

She finally picks the courage to ask me if I still love her,

I care for her enough to let her have the answer she is looking for.

It ends.


I hope he is past his cocoon and she finally finds the butterfly she deserves….

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