The day the earth stood still

The day the earth stood still

How do you measure infinity
when the formula transcends human understanding?

It could only be compared to this night
when the stars refused to shine
and the moon shed tears
as drops of blood rained on us mortals.

I watched as her body shook
to the tremors of her trembling soul.
The room filled with a deaf man’s silence
that you could hear her heart break.

Not even the warmth of the women
who surrounded her
could melt the coldness of this moment.

She shut her eyes to the world
waiting for the coldness of the sharp metal
that would tear out a piece of herself.

The earth stood still
as she let out screams of pain
screams that filled the hospital corridors
a sound even the dead would dread.

We hoped God would descend,
and cover us in His presence
as nothing could measure the gravity of the moment
her miscarriage
her baby

Only infinity…….

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