#SundayRead Heal by @judyannetM

#SundayRead Heal by @judyannetM

You and I are strangers now.
Every so often your Facebook posts spring into my feed
My heart is breaking.

It breaks my heart.
I want to come get you
Bring you to mine

You know
You will always have a home here.

Run you a warm bath
Fill it with yellow roses,
Your favourite,
Douse it with lavender oil and a dash of honey
Let you soak

Soak in all the things that make you happy
Wash the ache away.
Sit you on my couch
The old one by the window
So you can see the street moving
That heartbeat.

Serve you the best of wines
One saved for when I get that book published.
Because we both know red wine makes everything better.

When you want to tell me about it
I am here.
Now drink.

When the tears come, and they will,
I will hold you
Squeeze you to me
So you can hear in that embrace all the things I haven’t said.

When you want to scream and smash this wine glass
That is okay too.
I am right here with you.

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