Six in the morning

Six in the morning

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

That was the first thing on Wambui’s mind as she woke to find Otis, short for Otieno, staring at her.

He stared deep into her eyes not knowing what he was looking for. A twinkle, a spark, an invitation to come in. Her eyes seemed to draw him deeper into her galaxy. An adventurer ready to set sail to a far off undiscovered planet. She was the sun and he was a moth drawn to her light. Forgotten was the thought that his proximity to her heat might kill him. That her rays, so bright, might strike him blind.

“You look so peaceful when you sleep” he answered.

A smile making it’s way across her face like a rainbow on a June afternoon.

She lay there like a portrait hidden in the deepest and darkest corners of the gallery. A masterpiece, made available only to the noblest of souls. The gentlest of men.

“Can’t I enjoy this beauty before me?” he asked in quick succession, not really expecting an answer.

“Haha, James. You woke this early just for that. We have the whole weekend together remember.”

She liked to call him James. Just like he preferred calling her Sue, but only when they were alone. They were two characters in a romantic novel. He was the army officer back from Somalia and she was the governor’s daughter. A mismatch at first but a dangerous affair all the same.

He made his way slowly closer. Like a wild cat stalking its prey. Afraid that he might scare her off. He moved with the grace and guile of a lion in the savannah, his breath lowered to a whisper, his heart beating faster than that of a bungee jumper racing to kiss the earth.

His hands found their way to her back and pulled her closer, their faces now only inches from each other.

She closed her eyes as their lips intertwined in a warm embrace. Like lovers meeting for the first time after the drums of war had subsided. Their tongues dancing, making dashes from mouth to mouth trying to strike a balance to the attention given to each space.

The sun’s rays slowly crept into the room as their bodies formed shadows on the walls. Dancing to the rhythm of their love making.

Her alarm clock buzzed on the table. She’d set it to six hoping to wake up and surprise him with some breakfast in bed.

Guess we’ll have breakfast later in the day, she thought to herself.


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