Review: The Project Greatness by @samuel_sichangi

Review: The Project Greatness by @samuel_sichangi

The Kenyan music scene is one blessed with talent and diversity of sound. As likes of Sauti Sol, Blinky Bill and Muthoni the Drummer Queen are dropping major projects this year, the music scene has also seen an emergence of talents ready to take up the mantle. One of those to watch this year is Samuel Sichangi.

Sichangi is one of the members of EA Wave (East African Wave), a collective of 6 DJ producers from Nairobi. He’s already done collaborations with the likes of Jabs, Willow Smith and Tyler Cole and will be a participant of the 2018 Red Bull Music Academy in Berlin. Two of his EPs, Stranger Things in the Middle East and Hold On, are already available on soundcloud.

His debut album, released in February, is titled The Project Greatness and features a host of local artists like Taio, Kato Change, Kagwe Mungia, Blinky Bill, Joseph Kiwango and many more.

The first track “No Distractions” sets the vibe for the journey that awaits with Taio dropping some hot bars and Marushka capturing the ear with her vocals. I’d say it was titled so to inform us to focus sorely on the musical journey – no distractions!

Mariam Im Drunk is the third track on the album and features BNRD and, EA wave member, MVROE. I love the trap vibe and it’s definitely one of the most replayed tracks on the album.

If I could I’d keep it to myself but like the rest of the album – I couldn’t!

Definitely one of the biggest collaborations on the album featuring Kato Change and Kagwe Mungai.

Damn is my favorite track on the album for some unknown reason (basically my mind can’t put it to words yet). If I had a S/O this would make my love mixtape.

Two words – Blinky Bill!

I think it’s clear that I really love Sichangi’s debut album. Over the last few months, I’ve been intentionally looking and listening to upcoming Kenyan music acts. Majority of those I listen to did live performances at Africa Nouveau festival and it was epic. 2018 is proving to be a big year for the music scene and I can’t wait to see who drops the next big project.


Muthoni the Drummer Queen drops her album SHE this weekend at the Alchemist. Grab a ticket and come support the Queen.

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