Promise Me by @judyannetM

Promise Me by @judyannetM


I just wanted you to heal. Be better. Forget. Heal.


I picked up the phone.

Knew I should not have

But it was Sunday morning

The sun was out,

The tree outside my window dancing in the wind.

And Sundays like this have a way of getting into my head

So I gathered myself on the couch

The one by the window

And called you.


You received my call with a scream

So shrill so unexpected

I jumped

dropped the phone with a quick fuck

sat down, picked up the phone, listened

I remember thinking

How do I make you stop?

My ears hurt

But I let your scream pierce through my heart

Let me feel you feeling your pain

Then you stopped


“Nihal” I whispered


I knew you were there

Heard your labored breath

Nina Simone in the background

I hang up and thought

Good! At least you have Nina.


I am letting you let the pain have you

Let the pain tear you apart at night

Walk with you during the day


You cannot let pain make a home in you.

Promise me, Nihal.

Promise me.


This is a sequel to Heal

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