Only the Sun

Only the Sun


Only the sun sees the tears trapped behind her eyes

reads the emotions in her voice

knows the story told in between the smiles and laughter.


You will never see her break

assume that she is strong

place all your burdens on her shoulders

all your fears at her feet.

You will forget to blow the blisters on her hands

gently cleanse the sores on her feet,

rub her back

and tell her you’re thankful.


9 months become a year

a year becomes half a decade

you’re off to new adventures

to learn from the world what you couldn’t get in her arms.

Soon the sun, becomes a man

a star in her eyes

he bares the hope she had forgotten

the dreams she always thought unreal.


Only her sun

will kiss her forehead

let her know that her journey through this world

her trials at the courts of society

we never in vain.


Only the sun

will always love the mother….

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