New Documentary Showcases the Diversity in Nairobi’s Music Scene #NuNairobi

New Documentary Showcases the Diversity in Nairobi’s Music Scene #NuNairobi

It’s undisputed that Nairobi, and Kenya in general, has one of the most diverse musical scenes anywhere in the world. Influenced by the different cultures, locally and internationally, Kenyan artists are able to integrate not just different instruments and sounds but also add to that a wide range of languages that allows them to express things in there own unique way.

The emergence of establishments like the Alchemist, J’s and Nyama Mama, that offer a platform to young and established artists in the country, has made it possible for people to be exposed to the different sounds in the country. Add to that the different music festivals, concerts and digital platforms then there has never been a better time to dip your feet into the culture.

In a documentary (by Mia Zur-Szpir) published on Youtube, different artists give their opinions on what makes the Nairobi scene so unique and exciting. It features the likes of Patricia Kihoro, Blinky Bill, EA Wave and many more. The documentary highlights Kenya’s vivid music scene and takes an in-depth look at the genres and artists that make up Nairobi’s thriving cultural landscape.

” Nu Nairobi focuses on the the importance the city’s own impressive set of sounds, championed by rising acts like DJ and production collective EA Wave (East African Wave). This group of artists and producers shares a unique community spirit and surpasses any wrongheaded expectations of what African music should sound like.”

Check out the video below and tell us what you think of the #NuNairobi scene.


Read an interview with the film maker done by Fact magazine here.

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