Lupus Awareness Through Music #SheBlossoms

Lupus Awareness Through Music #SheBlossoms

There are very few things that can match up to live music on a Sunday afternoon. Especially, if the music is being used as a platform to raise awareness.

Majority of you might not have know this but October happens to be lupus awareness month. Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease in which the body’s immune system becomes hyperactive and attacks normal, healthy tissue. It is also known as the ‘wolf disease’ because it is able to manifest itself to look like other diseases, which makes it very difficult to diagnose.

she blossoms
Raise your hand if you knew October is Lupus Awareness Month


I first knew about Lupus through my friend, Juliet Maruru, who has used her story and platform, She Blossoms, to raise awareness about it. Partnering with other organizations such as All For Cars Ltd, Lahani and the Lupus Foundation of Kenya, they have been able to organize a series of events and also plugged into other platforms to raise awareness to the public, who know little or nothing about lupus.

Future musical star, Serro, on stage

In an endeavor to raise awareness, She Blossoms and Kibali Muriithi, through Lahani, joined forces to use music and art to raise awareness about the disease. With an arrays of amazing talent singing wonderful uplifting tunes it was bound to be a great event and experience for the audience.

Aleya enjoying the beautiful Nairobi sun

The MC for the day was performing artist and writer, Aleya Kassam, who not only introduced the artist in a unique way, sharing how their music made her feel, but also shared some inspiring messages from Juliet Maruru, the founder of She Blossoms.

Njerae on stage with Bensoul in the background

On the itinerary were songstresses such as Njerae, Serro, Wangui and Kendi Nkonge. Coincidentally, it was an all female lineup and Aleya noticing this coincidence highlighted the fact that majority of those suffering from lupus are women as they have a higher risk of getting it than men.

Kendi wowing the audience and certainly feeling the music

There was also a representative from Grace cup, the only Kenyan owned menstrual cup brand.  Menstrual cups are used in place of pads and tampons during a woman’s period. They are a more environmentally friendly and economically sustainable option, as one cup lasts up to 10 years.

My hope is the platform grows and more people get to know about lupus as we enjoy good music, poetry and stories.

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