How to know if you’re falling in love

How to know if you’re falling in love

I’ve been wondering how to go about this post after a friend asked me to write it. Despite my prowess at love poems and letters, the art of love still eludes me. How do you know if one is falling in love? We live in a time when information seems easily accessible (GIYF) and most of us end up googling everything we dont know.  So the first basic step in answering this question was to google it.


how to know if you're falling in love - Google results
how to know if you’re falling in love – Google results

Here are the ten definitive ways to know your falling in love with someone, via Elitedaily

1. The best part of your day

2. The first person you think about

3. Prioritizeabove your own needs

4. You’d do anything

5. You love the imperfections

6. You’re never afraid to express your feelings in public

7. You think long term

8. You become a better person

9. Your feelings are unconditional

10. Your love is your best friend.

Basically, Google gives you everything you’ve been conditioned to think are the signs of you falling in love. Same thing as you will see in movies or old literature.

Movies and Literature

I have watched a lot of love stories on film and read about it in books and they always seem to pass on the same script. Especially, the happy endings or tragic ones when you consider the likes of Romeo and Juliet, A walk to Remember, The fault in our stars etc.

The classic phrase “Can’t eat, can’t sleep” comes to mind. When you’re falling in love the other person becomes the centre of your universe. Blah blah blah. There are many a poems written about these feelings that it has become sort of a cliche.

If you think about our parents, you wonder if they were ever in love considering all you see in media.

Anyway, at the end of the day the question was directed at me. How do I think someone will know if they’re falling in love? I dont know if my narrative will be any different from what is being sold.

My opinion

I am a bit of a skeptic about love to some extent. Yet, still very much of a romantic. I believe there are those moments that embed themselves in our history and in our mind that make us believe in love and falling in love. These are the moments that love thrives on.

How would I know I was falling in love?

First of all I would connect with the person in more than one dimension of attraction. There are different levels to people, IMO, the physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual etc. When you find the person who matches you in most of these then you are certainly on the right track. I dont value the physical as much as I value the emotional and intellectual.

When you’re with them the inner you comes out. The real you. We’ve built these shells and persons that come out in different scenarios that most of us dont even know our true selves. When you’re falling in love, you find that person that makes you know and discover your inner/ true self. They make you consider your ambitions, dreams, aspirations, hopes, fears, the whole shabbang.

Falling in love is a complicated matter. In all fairness I cannot simplify it into a single post. We all have different experiences and expectations.

Thus my answer to the person who passed the question to me ~> It’s all up to you.

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