How I Lost Myself

How I Lost Myself

I put on a mask for so long hiding the beauty of my visage,
followed people’s lives, on social media, forgetting it’s all a mirage,
entrapped in the notion of achievements before a certain age,
doubted God even though I am made in His own image.

I wore my heart on my sleeve but hid underneath my insecurities,
found myself constantly held back by my impurities,
sought love in the wrong arms for a sense of security,
became dependent on your approval forgetting my own identity.

I silenced myself in the face of other’s opinions,
in the hope of being a nice guy turned into another minion,
too afraid that people might take offence,
thus living a life that is full of constant pretense.

I said yes even though I was uncomfortable
with the offers set on my table,
ignoring the fact that I was able
to say no without attaching a label.

I lost myself trying to be someone I thought you’d need
cut myself open and let myself bleed
only to realize the person I was meant to be
was no one else – but me.

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