For Boys Struggling into Manhood

For Boys Struggling into Manhood

Dear Child,
the sky is not the limit.

You are an ocean
but they put you in a cup.
Give you wings without feathers;
life under the thumb of existence.

A product of the system
disciples of a patriarchal society.
Sacrificed at the altar of greed,
to be rewarded as heroes on the footnotes of history.

Are you man enough?
To be snatched from the breasts of your mothers
sent to fight at the front lines with your brothers
to protect the sovereignty of the state.

Are you man enough?
To raise you hand to your sister
strip your aunt on the streets
to maintain the morals of society.

Or you’re man enough
to speak up against injustice
be champions of equality
break the barriers of gender stereotypes.

Be kind to your sisters
send love to your mothers.
boys will be boys
rise to the challenge and be men.

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