The Last Train Home

The Last Train Home

You’re alive but not really living.
As the noose grows tight enough
To make you feel like dying, but
Loose enough to make sure you live.

The world seems to move fast before you
Leaving you, like a stranger in a foreign train station,
Unsure of which train to take you home.

So you sit there.
Watch the strange faces of those you knew before
Familiar faces of those who knew you before.
A happier self.
Unrecognizable from who you are now.

You breathe in deep
Giving life to the demons that feast inside your belly.
Close your eyes and visualize how it would feel to be free
To not listen to the sad tune of your beating heart
And not drown in the tears from your dark blue eyes.

Life seems to only give you lemons
Leaving the bitter taste of disappointment on your tongue.

And when you finally get tired of your existence
You open your arms and cry to the heavens for forgiveness,
Say your final prayers
And board the last train home
Wherever that may be.

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