Chivalry is dead!

Chivalry is dead!

Light a candle and lets keep vigil

mourn the fact man no longer acts civil

open your eyes and shed a tear

Chivalry it seems

is no longer here.


We are stuck in the deepest level of inception

this false belief that the seed of romance can never attain conception

since hope and trust broke their relation

love has gone into extinction.

The old wonder what will come of this generation

this sex seeking, lust seething congregation

left to wonder what shall be their salvation

from these chains of corruption

to the soul.


Bad girls want good boys, good girls want bad boys

in this cycle of entertainment we use each other as toys

the means to an end, the rule we now employ

yet fail to see that we have lost the ploy.

Chivalry is dead and I am it’s orphan

the definition of a gentleman that has long been forgotten

the poet who fell in love with the girl who could not see

that love is blind.


Sometimes our eyes may deceive

we have to believe in order to receive

it could be the frog or could be the knight

only by taking a chance do we know who’s Mr. Right.




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