Book Review: Freedom Fighter by David Abodaher

Book Review: Freedom Fighter by David Abodaher

I must admit I am a sucker for buying books at “jua kali” bookstores. The smell of old books is amazing and you never know what you can find in the heap of forgotten literature. This was the case as curiosity failed to kill the cat but led me to an old copy of David Abodaher’s Freedom Fight.

The book follows the life of Polish revolutionary Casimir Pulaski and gives an insight to life in Poland during the eighteenth century. Pulaski’s father was one of the leaders of the fight for Polish independence from neighbouring Russia. His sons joined him in the struggle and young Casimir’s military skill and daring in the face of danger made him a legend throughout Europe.

However, the revolution fail in it’s attempt to fight Russia’s dominance and after it was crushed Pulaski found himself a penniless exile in France. The opportunity came for him to join another struggle and he moved to America to join forced with General George Washington in the fight against Great Britain.

As a leader Pulaski’s cavalry known as the Pulaski Legion made him a hero in America and he proved his worth in the crucial contest for the South before his life was ended at the age of thrity two while in battle.

This is a great book with the history of the struggles in Europe and America well captured. I love the story of Pulaski’s life and he is a great example of the courage that comes with fighting for a cause one believes in. Despite him failing to free his country he believed in the fight against tyranny and thus was always at home in America’s struggle.

Today he is revered in both his native Poland and the United States as one of the most gallant heroes of man’s age-old struggle for freedom.


PS: I also found a great book of poetry titled “Poetry Please!” that I am now devouring bit by bit 🙂

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