Black and Blue

Black and Blue

Did the stars that once lit up your eyes
fade away like like love hearts drawn on the
shores of the ocean you now wish
you could drown in and
for once have something – someone – accept you
in all its depth.

Is your love not only blind but deaf
to the words whispered from the other side,
like Adele
we must have called a thousand times
send birds to sing outside your window at dawn
and crickets to serenade you back to sleep
so you can dream of a world without him.

Are the bruises from your broken heart
healed enough that you accept those
he puts on your body?

You must crawl so you can walk away
fly high
like the wind and
soar up to
where you’re free of his abuse.

Look beyond the tears that wet your pillow
to find clarity
and see that though everything is simply
black and white,
the sky is not only the limit
but the only blue you should embrace.

As much as I want to create awareness to help end Gender Based Violence, thus the post, I realize there are a lot of complexities to be understood. I have read and re-read my poem and can only pray it sends the right message. A lot of times the victim is blamed for staying in violent relationships. Maybe some will read such undertones in my piece. What i want to say to the victims of GBV, as much as you might feel hopeless remember the power is with you. That’s one thing you can not allow someone else to take.


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