Are Kenyan government agencies taking full advantage of social media?

Are Kenyan government agencies taking full advantage of social media?

Social media is quickly becoming one of the main communication tools of the digital age. It is not only a great tool for individuals but for organizations and brands as well.

Kenya is considered to have one of the most vibrant online communities in Africa and organizations, both private and public, in the country have slowly realized the importance of using social media to engage with their stakeholders.

Unfortunately the adoption of social media in the public sector has not been as fast as that of the private sector. The leading organizations and brands in the social media space are mostly private companies like Safaricom.

There are a few exceptions though, with public agencies such as Kenya Power, Higher Education Loans Board (H.E.L.B) and a few others taking advantage of social media as engagement tools. What sets them apart though is that these agencies have huge public interest thus the need for engagement on social media platforms.

Please note, I am not just talking about setting up a social media page but using the tool effectively. Some organizations already have social media pages but there seems to be a lack of insight on how to use these effectively.

For organizations, social media can be useful in a number of roles. These range from marketing to public relations.

It is vital that government agencies take to social media to inform and engage with the public irrespective of the level of public interest.

Taking full advantage of the platforms requires a vision, strategy, commitment and investment both financially and in human resource.

In my opinion, this is the best time to engage with your stakeholders especially using digital media which give you the opportunity to create relationships with your stakeholders both on and B2B level and a B2C level.

Do you think government agencies are making the best use of social media?

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