20 things I need to do more often

20 things I need to do more often

Sometimes we get caught up in life and forget the basics. It is especially true in my case as I spend every day worrying where my next pay cheque will come from or how my family is fairing. The trials and tribulations of a young freelancer. Anyway, I thought I’d make a list to remind me of the things that make life worth living rather than just surviving.(In no particular order).

1. Reading

There’s a difference between reading because you have to and reading because you want to. Read because you want to. Read for leisure, read to expand your knowledge, read to learn new stories and experiences. Just read dammit!

2. Laughing

They say laughter is the best medicine. I don’t know about that since I am not a doctor but I do know that laughing is good for your health. It’s never that serious.

3. Listening to positive good music

Instead of just listening to music, I will try to make a deliberate move to listen to positive good music. Music is a powerful drug and the right kind will change your mood and mentality 180 degrees.

4. Exercising

As you exercise the mind with reading, do not forget the body. It’s been a while since I was in the gym or even jogged round the neighborhood. *Makes a date with the treadmill*

5. Meditating

A friend has been telling me about meditation for a while now and how it can help relax you. I’ve been thinking of taking up yoga or tai chi.

6. Travelling

There’s something about experiencing a new place that opens parts of your senses that are still unused.

7. Ideagasms

Ideagasms are these sessions where a bunch of intellectuals (how i flatter my friends) sit over some tea and snacks and talk about everything from the earth to mars. They are an awesome way to brainstorm and engage in eye-opening discussions.

8. Writing

I’ve been writing a lot of late. Problem is that I got caught up with writing for work and for others that I rarely write for myself anymore. It is about time I did a poem or two.

9. Networking

I realize I need to expand my network of friends and professionals. There’s so much I want to do in life and you know what they say about when you want to go far.

10. Spending time with family

Spend time with family. No matter what they say, blood is thicker than water.

11. Hanging out with friends

Apart from the ideagasms, I should go out more often with friends. Concerts, parties, weddings etc

12. Dancing

I used to love dancing. I need to start love dancing again.

13. Cooking

No more fast foods. Let me unleash the Ramsay in me.

14. Performing

Acting, singing, poetry…a few of the things I’m good at. Who’s ready for a show?

15. Learning

They say learning is an endless process. True, but you also have the choice of choosing what you want to learn about. Adding a few skills never hurt anyone and I surely need to learn new things.

16. Listening

There’s so much that passes us by because we only hear but don’t listen.

17. Dreaming

Never let your reality stop you from dreaming up a better one. Then wake up and follow your dreams. I’ll be a few steps ahead of you on that.

18. Trusting people

People can be such disappointments. Trust me, I know. But I can’t really live life if I don’t trust those close to me.

19. Calling

In this age of technology we want to use the easiest and cheapest mediums to communicates. Social media, messaging apps and text messages. Despite all these, there is still something special about calling someone. Try it and see.

20. Getting laid

Need I add more?

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