Why you should attend the next Courage Stories

Why you should attend the next Courage Stories

On Saturday I had the privilege of sitting across the room and listening to some amazing personal stories during the Courage Stories event held at the Safaricom MJ Centre. On the panel were individuals, with unique journeys and stories, and the MC of the day, Marcus O’lang, who has been one of the important cogs that has kept the platform going. The three guests on the panel included Linet Ayuko, Kendi Nkonge and Dan Aceda.

Courage Stories is a platform that allows people to share how they find the courage to face their daily changes. It has been running for a while now and has hosted a diverse panel that includes the likes of Samanthah Maina, Charles Righa, Tom O’lango, Abigail Arunga, Boniface Mwangi and many more.

Being a firm believer in learning from other people’s journeys, there was no way I was going to miss this event having missed so many in the past. How else would you know what awaits you on the path you’re on? Whichever path you choose, someone has walked through it and there are lessons in both their successes and failure. Listening to other people also opens you up to the knowledge that you’re not going through something alone and there are others who have overcomed the barriers you’re currently facing .

Linet’s story was one of challenging yourself and opening yourself to new opportunities. She strikes a careful balance between being a civil servant, a rally car navigator, project manager and philanthropist. “Opportunity comes to those who are prepared”, she said. A sentiment I found to resonate with my current journey.

Kendi, on the other hand, spoke about her journey so far and the challenges that came with pursuing a career in music and her studies at the University of Nairobi Law school. It was a journey that demanded her to strike the right balance so as to not affect either aspects of her life and also convince her parents that she had it in her to do both. The fact that she is almost done with school and still made time to be one of the biggest new talents in the music scene is a wonderful testimony to her courage, strength and perseverance.

Dan Aceda wasn’t a new face to most in the audience having had a vibrant career in the music industry over the past years. I remembered him rocking the stage at the Koroga festival a month or so ago. Little, however, was known about his background in architecture, introduction to music and break from the industry, with all these experience being integral to the person he is today.

At the end of the session, I was really glad to have spared my time and made it to the event. The stories of courage didn’t just come from those in the panel but also those in the audience who chose to seek advice from the panel and also share their own personal stories.¬†Yes, life can be a challenge at times but if you keep in mind that there’s nothing that can stop you from pursuing a dream then the sky may not be the limit.

The next event will be happening in March (every three months) on the second Saturday of the month. I hope I’ve given you enough reason to make sure you attend it.



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