Things we lost to the fire

Things we lost to the fire

It was by chance that he came upon her blog. He wasn’t looking for it but subconsciously there was always the curiosity to know what Kerubo was thinking. They say the eyes are windows to the soul but in this digital age one’s online space gives their eyes a run for their money.

It had been two or so years since Luke last spoke to Kebs, his nickname for the girl who was his best friend at the time. It was funny to him how the best of friends could be the worst of strangers but the worst part of it is that he didn’t see it coming.

They met on the first day of college. Having come from an all boys high school he’d never imagine that one could ever share a plutonic relationship with the members of the opposite sex. He didn’t know how it came to be but through a series of meetings with mutual friends, they found themselves always hanging out together after class.

She was the type of girl that intimidated the best of men. Smart, beautiful and an awesome sense of humor were some of the few words you’d use to describe her. She loved to read and seemed to know everything about something and something about everything. She loved to watch soccer too which was a plus for him in case they ever ran out of things to talk about.

They’d text each other from “good morning” to “good night” always finding something interesting in each other’s day to light up the message inbox.

A year into their “bestfriendship” things begun to fade. She fell in love at the same time he was falling out of love, with love.

Boys are naturally selfish, he was told. In between their run as best friends he’d had his fair share of flings, plus one really horrid breakup. Naturally they spoke about it and she, being the best friend she was, always had time for him.

One Tuesday morning she texted him in the middle of the day saying she’d found the one. As he was about to text her a big congratulations another message hit his inbox.

“Do you have any feelings for me?”

He had to think about this carefully. There were equal consequences to answering yes and no.

That was the last time they spoke.

Two years later, he’s reading her blog hoping to see how she’s doing. “Things we lost to the fire” was the latest blog post.

“It’s funny that the thing that keeps you warm through the winter

can burn a hole into your heart in the summer.

Love is a fire that consumes the best of us

and you can only hope that something is left in the ashes

but if you love someone you have to let them go

like a love letter thrown into the heart of the furnace

we sometimes lose the best of us in the heat of the flame.”

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