Music from the heart

What would you do, if given the choice between constant beautiful music in your ears or the melodic sound of your heart beat? How do you know you’re alive? Is it the rhythm of your heart, that sound you’ve heard since you came on to this earth? or do you feel alive when your bones won’t keep still, your mind is lost in the poetry of the lyrics and your body is a slave to the rhythm of the music ringing in your ears? What do you want to dance…

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My Top 10 Music Albums from 2017

2017 seems to have gone so fast yet taken so long (if that makes sense). Personally, this year has tested my resolve and mental strength tremendously but one of the highlights of the year has been the amount of music I have “discovered” or been exposed to. Music has always been a big part of my life and this year I’ve had the privilege of listening to some great stuff from both old and new artists. I’ve also had the chance to attend a few concerts and festivals as well…

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