Lupus Awareness Through Music #SheBlossoms

There are very few things that can match up to live music on a Sunday afternoon. Especially, if the music is being used as a platform to raise awareness. Majority of you might not have know this but October happens to be lupus awareness month. Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease in which the body’s immune system becomes hyperactive and attacks normal, healthy tissue. It is also known as the ‘wolf disease’ because it is able to manifest itself to look like other diseases, which makes it very difficult to diagnose.  …

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The Color Purple #LupusAwareness #PutOnPurple

I’ve never given much thought to the colors of my clothes till today. My friends have been running a lupus awareness campaign online (#SheBlossoms) and it so happens that guys were to wear the color purple for a walk at the Nairobi Safari Walk or wherever you are if you’re not able to make it. I am part of the latter. Finding the color purple in my wardrobe has proved mission impossible but I figure I could do just as much by educating you, my reader, especially those of you who’ve never heard…

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