Something in the way

Long hot showers wash away the pain, old memories and countless hours of feet dancing in the rain. You’re lying on the floor, counting the pieces left behind, hoping you didn’t give too much of yourself that there’s nothing left to look at in the mirror. The sun does not smile at you anymore its light harsh on your eyes, your true self now hidden behind the curtains to the windows of your soul. There’s no more magic in the smell of the rain getting to first base with the…

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#WCW 5 Female Artists I’m loving this week

The holiday vibe has made it so easy to forget it’s a Wednesday. Yes, we’re in the middle of the week and the other long weekend was just two days ago. But life in Kenya seems to really evolve around politics – story for another day. Anyways, I’ve been feeling some really cool vibes today and decided to share a few of the artists I am listening to this week. Since it’s a Wednesday I’ll leave the men on the list for another day and stick to the top five…

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