#DearAbi This Is How A Heart is Broken

Dear Abi, Hope you’ve been well and started the year on a positive note. I’ve struggled to pen this missive over the past few days, attributing that to either the complexity of the subject or the difficulty I currently face trying to write of late – known in some quarters as writer’s block. Self-expression through words , written or spoken, has always come easy to me but with each passing day it’s been hard for me to pen down my thoughts. Still, I try. Someone recently asked me if I’ve…

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The Fifth Draft

“Writing is not easy”, a friend once lamented and I must admit the past few months have not been easy for me when it comes to that front. Like a traveler lost in the desert I’ve been seeking my oasis – the source from which I might gain inspiration to write again – but the journey has not been easy. The heat from the sun seems to grow in intensity every day and even though I find myself hallucinating of greener pastures; even these visions have not found their way…

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He walked past the world, face down as if in converse with the earth. His feet kissed the pavement, blisters for love bites, as his toes slowly caressed the concrete. His was a blank expression, a mask to hide the battles ranging within. A blanket to warm his soul from the cold shoulders of those who passed him by. I watched him crawl his way to the surface. My vantage point the seat of a Latema sacco matatu, a distraction from the noise that blared from its six speakers with…

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