My Fears #30DayChallenge

DAY TWO – Decribe 3 legitimate fears you have and explain how they became fears Kakorrhaphiophobia (mild) Having grown up in an African household, my first fear has to be failure. Though with age I have come to accept failure as part of the learning process but the scars from my childhood are still quite visible. Back in the day, second best was not acceptable. Not just with my parents but my teachers as well. 98% in Mathematics got you a beating. Sometimes more beatings than the person who was…

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20 Random Facts About Me #30DayChallenge

Let’s get straight to it then. 1. I am a few inches short of 6 feet. Why God?! 2. After 14 years of wearing glasses, I recently had laser surgery to correct my short-sightedness meaning I can finally dance without the fear of breaking my glasses. 3. Arsenal till I die. 4. I finally bought a guitar. Youtube has been of great help in learning the basic chords. 5. Football and rugby are my sports of choice. To watch or play. 6. I sing. In the shower mostly. 7. I…

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