#MCM Daniel Caesar

#MCM Daniel Caesar

It’s amazing how you can find music that expresses something you feel, yet can’t find words to express yourself. The song takes up all the emotions you have bottled up inside and makes magic through lyrics and melody.

This past long weekend has been spent listening to Daniel Caesar’s album, Freudian, on replay. It’s an amazing journey from the first song to last and this is an attempt at putting to words how his music makes me feel.

So who’s Daniel Caesar? I’ll use the profile given by the music site Genius which I feel does him more justice than anything I can write up.

The world has come to understand R&B/Soul music as a multi-faceted genre that transcends soundwaves into the inner core of our existence — a genre that makes listeners feel, rather than just hear. For 21-year-old Toronto native Daniel Caesar, the R&B/Soul genre serves as a skeleton to which he builds up with jarring gospel undertones, heart-tugging guitar chords, and soothing harmonious vocals.

His debut effort, Praise Break, successfully captured the attention of many major publications and outlets, and was ranked in the 20 Best R&B Albums of 2014 by Rolling Stone Magazine. Caesar’s follow-up project, Pilgrim’s Paradise, was met with even greater praise, subsequently capturing the attention of both the Canadian and international music markets.

Conveying moody anecdotes about life’s most pertinent lessons – love, loss, faith, desire and determination, Caesar tells a coming-of-age tale that is not only relatable, but genuine. With raw talent and an unwavering mystic, layer by layer, Daniel Caesar is writing a melodic story rooted in his authentic self — a story that has only just begun.

I first took notice of Daniel Caesar after his collaboration with Chance the Rapper during his appearance on the late night show with Stephen Colbert. After listening to his music, I can only wish I found it earlier but it’s better late than never. Right?

Freudian describes relation to Sigmund Freud, a neurologist and psychotherapist whose work in the field brought upon a new wave of analyzing in psychology.

The album, as expressed earlier, is a work of art. The most notable hit from the album is his collaboration with Kali Uchis on Get You. I rather prefer the stripped version he performed for Fender than the studio version but, either way, it is a great song and deserves the plaudits it has been getting.

Coincidentally, my favorite songs make for the first two tracks on the album. Best Part, which is the second song on the album, is a beautiful collaboration with H.E.R. I loved the song so much that I did an acoustic cover over the weekend. If you have someone close to your heart then this is the song to dedicate to your S/O.

The melodies at the start of Neu Roses take you to church and have the feel of something off Kirk Franklin’s music especially if you’ve listened to Hello Fear.

What Daniel Caesar does best in the album is to give a glimpse into the whole roller-coaster of emotions that come with love. The highs and lows; ups and downs. You get this when you compare songs like Best Part and Loose.

Freudian will remain on my playlist for a while and I’d like to thank Caesar for gifting us with such magic.



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