#DearAbi The Scientist

#DearAbi The Scientist

Dear Abi,

I’ll never fall in love again. That is my new mantra. The definition of love has become too confusing and even though most of my poems are about love, I don’t seem to have my thoughts wrapped around it yet.

I keep telling the boys that am done chasing tails, telling tales and waiting for tell tell signs of there being something more. I guess am too much of a romantic to fall in love. And ironically don’t believe in love at first sight.

I want a deeper connection to my soul mate. Something that doesn’t meet the eye. I want to fall in love over a song that we can keep playing over and over again till we old and grey. Or better yet over a verse of poetry or a book.

I may tell everyone I don’t have a type but I want a girl who plays scrabble and chess, talks about different authors and movies, wants to watch the Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and the Hobbit. We would spend hours on end discussing and making comparative analysis of different superheroes like Captain America vs Thor before Iron Man came and spoiled the fight. I can go on and on.

She would get how music speaks to me, like you do. Wouldn’t think it cheesy if I made her a mixtape of my favourite tracks like the Scientist and Yellow.

Anyway, I have to go now. Till we meet again. Adios

Yours sincerely



Original post here from 29th Jan 2013

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