#DearAbi Losing Friends

#DearAbi Losing Friends

Dear Abi,

Friendships are a fragile thing. The foundations might be made of stone but a bigger percentage of the house is just made of glass and wood. How easy it seems to break or set this house on fire. They might have the allure of a bush of roses but in there lies some sharp thorn ready to jolt you back to reality when you get too comfortable.

Humans are to err as much as they are to disappointments.

Life is a series of constant changes but for some of us the revolving doors seems to be moving faster than others.  The world becomes smaller and smaller each day as you grow older. The pace at which mine is shrinking scares the shit out of me.

I think it’s harder to keep friends these days as it was in the past. As we assimilate deeper into the digital age, friendships seem defined by the “connection” one feels to another through these platforms. We’re getting lonelier and lonelier on a personal level. Or maybe it’s just me.

We’ve exposed ourselves so much to people who don’t know jack shit about us. Looking for reaffirmation from strangers behind keyboards rather building our support structure on those physically closer to us.

It’s easy to feel like everyone is moving on with their lives as you’re stuck in a cocoon. The illusion of happiness presented through snapchat postings and Instagram pics. It’s even easier to sink into this black hole when you’re depressed.

The biggest threat to friendships now is doubt. Doubt that the other person will be on the other end of the phone at 3 in the morning after you’ve had a long day and decided to drown your sorrows with a bottle of Vodka. When you’re looking for that one reason to wait for the sunrise and face the day ahead.

I only hope the doubt doesn’t catch up to us.

Yours sincerely


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