#DearAbi I love, You love

#DearAbi I love, You love

Dear Abi,

Somewhere at the end of John Legend’s Evolver I found a song. One of those whose lyrics speak to your soul like only it would. Like the artist passed through a crossroad, that you now share, and the moment became perfectly captured in the song.

Careful this time, broken promises linger in our mind

The devil is in the details they say. The same details I’ve somehow chosen to forget. It could be construed as a defense mechanism or something in the same vein as selective amnesia. Either way, my mind, like the wind, wants to move on whereas my heart, like the ocean waves, still finds it’s way back to the reef that broke it in half.

I’ll give in completely, hearts break so easy

There is something about a kiss that consumes you. It opens up a door to a part of someone or lets them in to parts of you that you’ve only set aside for them. Kisses open a window of vulnerability to your inner self and you can only hope that this privilege is never abused. But we are humans, in abundance we are programmed to take things for granted.

Though you’ve been burned you still return

I’m sure you’ll account this to the complexities of human emotion. Something drawn from the breath of God blown into us in conception.

The pen will┬ánever write the history of love without the judgement of the one who wields it. Guess, that’s why you always say I should stop being too harsh on myself.

Mourn the warmth of the setting sun but do not close yourself from the beauty of the twinkling stars. Who knows what the future might hold.

Yours sincerely



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