#DearAbi Marvin’s Room

#DearAbi Marvin’s Room

Dear Abi,

I write you this letter as ‘Ain’t no sunshine’ blazes through the speakers. Something about the song reminds me of when we meet and, in some dark twist of deja vu, of when you left. Think I’ll play ‘Hey there Delilah’ next.

So how have you been? Funny I ask when I can easily text you. But I think technology is romance’s arch nemesis. So I want us to go back to basics. Pen and paper. In hindsight, you can correlate the death of romance with the emergence of technology, right? These are the topics that would keep us up late at night. As we lay watching starts in the sky awaiting our chance to be among the immortals.

Resolutions. A cross between rules made to be broken and promises you cannot keep. I made a list of mine. We should exchange notes like we used to. Make sure we made it past January.

I saw you yesterday through my bedroom window. A reverse to Romeo and Juliet it seems. Well, you had the pants in the relationship anyway. Safe to say now how intimidating that was but as they say behind every successful man is a woman spending his money. You still have that glow as the sun seemed to reflect off your skin and think I caught a glimpse of your smile. That smile.

I hear you found a new man. Coincidentally, am now listening to Marvin’s room. Guess you really wanted us to be friends. I’ll play Trey’s ‘Can’t be friends next’. Hope he treats you well though. I met a girl too, but that’s a story for another day.

I shall await your reply.

Yours sincerely,



Original post here from 15th Jan 2013

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