#DearAbi If you don’t wanna love me

#DearAbi If you don’t wanna love me

Dear Abi,

Would you rather stay with the one you love hoping they will love you back or would you stick with one who loves you and learn to love them back? This is the paradox of love. I have loved and I have been loved, been in love and had my heart broken into pieces. It seems a constant cycle of tales re-lived, passions ignited which fade just as fast.

I remember the day we first met like it was yesterday. Remember the day you left like it was just this morning. The time in between is as blurred as the edge of the sea, a dream you wake up from yet it feels so close reality you can’t help but wonder whether your heart and mind have colluded to lead you in this deception.

They say if you love something let it go yet advice us to fight for what we love in the same breath. Stories are told of perseverance in the pursuit of love as patience finally decide to give you what’s due. Songs have been written and poems recited yet nothing ever prepares you for when your feelings are not mutual. The change in pace as you heart starts singing a new song – a sad song. We hide so much behind our smiles and laughter – smileys and hahas. Especially in the midst of those who take us for granted.

I wish I could believe in the lyrics of this song. Swear to stay even if you don’t wanna love me. But how long can you hold on to the last blade of grass, the blade that stops you from falling into the abyss of heartache that awaits, before it snaps and you have no strength to climb back up to the light.

Yours sincerely



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