Blame it on our education system

Blame it on our education system

Like all rants, I haven’t thought out this post to a definite conclusion. There is an aching somewhere in my body, a need to just let this out of my system and hope that whoever reads this will get the message I am trying to pass across.

They say education is everything that is left after the learning progress is over – or something of the sought. Thus when I see all that is happening around me I figure the biggest blame lies with our education system.

Social media has taken over our lives and with it comes both good and bad. The good being that we can now express ourselves freely to a global audience and easily interact with our friends and family. The bad being that people do not realize the great power they have with their words. With great power comes great responsibility. And the misuse of this responsibility especially by those we regard as educated is appalling.

There is so much happening in our country and with all these, we, the people, are required to stop and think about what we pass on to those around us. Everyone is living in uncertainty and as it is with us Kenyans we rarely question what we hear. Thus we leave ourselves vulnerable to every bullshit thrown at us.

This is where the problem lies.

We have grown up in a system that has taught us to be machines. Garbage In Garbage Out, as we say in the tech space. From an early age we go to school not to be thinkers but to be photocopiers where what we are given by our teachers and lecturers is what we produce so as to be graded as among the most intelligent in society. Through school we rarely question what we are taught and this habit has become a big part of our character.

So what’s the issue? Why am I irate and ranting?

We have become our own worst enemy. Especially those who’ve gone through school, me included.

On social media and offline as well we are sharing the bullshit these politicians are passing on to us. Instead of creating our own narrative going with what we see around us. We have caught on the political fever with the symptoms being paranoia, hate speech, tribalism among others.

Instead of talking about what we want for our country, we have given the politicians say over where they want our country to go. They in turn have created their own reality and are forcing us to live in this unreal utopia. Fuck! I am pissed off!

Why should I live in fear of tomorrow yet these so called leaders doesn’t give a shit about me. Why should I be a pawn in a game I don’t want any part in.

I urge everyone enjoying the freedom of speech to create their own stories. Please stop spreading fear and hatred among those peace loving Kenyans like myself.



Originally posted on June 28 2014

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