10 commandments when playing FIFA

10 commandments when playing FIFA

A friend shared a video of some kid over reacting cause he lost a FIFA match to a late minute goal. It was hilarious but reminded me of a few people I know who do not understand the basic ettquettes for playing the game. So here are my 10 commandments.

1. Thou shall not catch feelings

Do not throw a tantrum, do not start insulting your opponent etc. In short, thou shall not catch feelings. Every dog has its day and everyone has the days they are on form and the days they are not.


2. Thou shall not waste time changing settings

I really hate guys who do spend a huge amount of time changing the setting before a game. I dont mean the control settings. I’m talking about guys who go about changing the errors, shot power etc. The only settings you are allowed to change before the match is the time of day and the weather.


3. Thou shall be humble in victory

If you beat your opponent with a high score, leave it at that. Don’t try to shove it down their throats.


4. Thou shall not understimate your opponent

Never underestimate your opponent, no matter how good you think you are. Football is not as predictable all the time. Take for example, MK Dons beating Manchester United by 4 goals.


5. Thou shall not quit when behind

I hate guys who quit when they fall behind. Some go to the extent of switching off the controller. Grow a pair and finish the game.


6. Thou shall skip the intros

Why would you watch those in the first place?


7. Thou shall not insist on watching replay if not agreed on before the game

Unless you’ve scored an amazing goal that even I am applauding then there is not need for replays. You can watch the match highlights after the game.


8. Thou shall not waste time, even if you’re leading

You know those people. Those who start passing the ball backwards and sideways and kicking it out like they’re playing a game of rugby. Not cool!


9. Thou shall not pause the game repeatedly

When the game has started unless it’s an emergency then no distractions or pauses are allowed. Especially, those guys who pause when you’re about to score a goal. WTF!


10. Thou shall play a fair game.

The game of football must be respected. Keep it clean and play a good game. We know you have to win at all costs, so capitalise on mistakes, but dont try and pull of lame shit like scoring when you’re opponent is distracted.


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